[edit] History

02 is the real final boss of Kirby 64. After you defeat Miracle Matter with EVERY crystal shard you will trigger a cut scene that will help you get to Dark Star, the final area. There are NO enemies in the two screen area except for one enemy (powerless). After that you will pop up in a rather eerie looking arena. With the combined power of Ribbons flying ability and the power of the crystal shards you have the Crystal Shard Cannon

It is rumored that Zero Two is a reincarnated version of Zero, the final boss of Kirby's Dream Land 3 because 02 look like him he as a Halo, one eye, and wings.

[edit] Battle Strategies

When you first enter the battle you can grab the Crystal Shard Cannon the battle will start. The goal is to shoot the eye in the center. Keep shooting and he will become stunned. When that happens you will have the chance to shoot his halo. Once the halo becomes red you will be able to shoot the bottom of his body. The strange green objects is his weak spot. If you keep shooting 02 will gradually lose health. Just repeat the process. While he is attacking just keep moving in circles. If you want him to move slower once you get the chance to shoot the green thing on the bottom of his body you can shoot the wings to make 02 slower.

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