The creepy Zero himself in his second form.

0 (Zero) is the strange and creepy boss from Kirby's Dream Land 3. He is said to have several different forms, and in the game you will battle three of them. Zero Two is believed to be the reincarnated version of Zero, as you can easily see the similarities between the two names. Also, Zero Two looks somewhat like an angel, symbolizing that Zero has come back from the dead. When battling Zero in Kirby's Dream Land 3, you will use the Love-Love Stick as your powerful weapon.

[edit] Form One

In the first form, Zero looks very similar to Dark Matter. He has orange spots around the edges though, and attacks mainly by shooting lightening at Kirby.

[edit] Form Two

This may be the most common form of Zero, in pictures that is. He shoots blood from his creepy red eye, and little balls of Dark Matter are often floating near him, reading to attack Kirby.

[edit] Form Three

The final form of Zero is simply the eye of the second form. After defeating form two, Zero's eye will pop out for you to fight. Creepy, huh? After defeating the final form, you will have won the game!

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