Sub-Games (NiD)

Kirby: NiD has three simple subgames. Despite how easy some may seem the harder levels can get frusterating, yet very addicting.


[edit] Quick Draw

This is the easiest one out of the three. Kirby will appear in ninja-like attire facing an opponent. When you see an exclimation point, hit "A" as fast as you can! If you pressed it fast enough, you will move on to the next round.

[edit] Bomb Rally

In this game, Kirby is playing a catch game with a bomb, and three other Kirby's. Press "A" to serve to the next Kirby. The bomb will go around in a circle until somebody misses and is out. To hit the ball, press "A" at the right time.

[edit] Kirby's Air Grind

This time you are against three other Kirby's, racing on Warp Stars. Each of you has a rainbow colored track. Hold "A" to grind and make you go faster. But be careful, do not try to grind a black section of the track or you'll mess up and slow down. If you time it right and press "A" right after you've passed over a black section, you'll get a small boost.

[edit] Boss Endurance

You unlock this game after getting 100% in the main game. This time you defeat all nine bosses in a row, with only six bars of health! Good luck.

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