Sub-Games (K64:CS)

[edit] Overview

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is Multi-Player compatible and contains mini games. These can be accessed by pressing "A" on options in the file screen. There are 4 difficulties of play, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Intense. As you go up the difficulties the scenery will change and your opponents will get tougher. There are 4 playable characters: Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Adeleine.

[edit] Mini Games

100 Yard Hop

In this game you need to travel 100 yards without walking.But you can hop. Press the A button to hop 2 spaces and the B button to jump 1 space. But there are obstacles in the way, including floppers, puddles, bananas, ditches, frogs (be careful! these jump from square to square and may make it extremely difficult to pass!), and lillypads. Each level will have different obsticles based on the setting of the course. They also increase in number as you progress to higher levels. If you land in them you will either recieve a pentalty (a fall onto the ground), or be sent back to where you last hopped. If you make it to intense, not only will the computers be extremely agressive, but there will be an obsticle,the turtle shell, which appears and disappears. Watch out! This game scores according to who has the best time, so avoid as many obsticles as you can, and try to beat your record time!

Bumper Crop Bump

The object of the game is to Catch the most fruit in your basket. Players begin a round of this game separated evenly from eachother, under a fruit tree, this separation will not last very long. Using the control stick, players are to move left and right catching the fruit which the tree drops. This is done so by moving underneath the fruit as it falls and alligning your basket with it (which your character has been "given" when you start each round). However, it's not that simple. By pressing "A" while running towards another characters, Players can forcibly swap places with other players' characters. This technique can be used to acess more space, or to steal other player's fruit. Each fruit is worth 1 point. However, some fruits that fall will actually be bombs (these can be distinguished by the sparkling fuse at the top of them). Getting hit by them will cause players to lose all of their fruit. Watch out! Near the end of the match, the tree will rumble, and rapidly drop fruit. This is the time that gets most chaotic, and is also a time where others can catch up. Be careful, or one of your opponents may snatch your victory! At the end of the match, the player with the most fruit in their basket is declared the winner. In intense mode, Fruits will become jewels, but will remain the same point value.

Checker Board Chase

The object of the game is to survive, while taking down your opponents. This game is set on a checkerboard-like arena beginning with 64 squares, which can navigate with the control stick. Each player begins with 5 lives, and the ability to destroy a line of blocks in a row, or column of the arena. The best way to utilize this ability is to target an enemy standing in a line of blocks close to your own, walking over to that line of blocks and pressing "A". By pressing "A" you destroy the block you are facing, and the consecutive blocks in it's line beginning with the one closest to you. Players are able to see which blocks are being destroyed, however, because when a line of blocks is targeted, it will become highlighted. (Player one will highlight in red, player 2- yellow, player 3- green, player 4-blue) If another player is caught on a targeted line of blocks, and doesn't get off before the block they are standing on is destroyed, they will fall causing them to lose a life. This game does sounds extremely complicated, but is better understood when actually played. If you lose all 5 of your lives, you will be out of the game. The last character standing is declared the winner. It should also be noted that when a character loses all their lives, the outside edges of the checkerboard will turn grey, and fall decreasing the total area of the arena, meaning less room! (when all 4 characters are in the game there will be 64 squares, 3 characters- 36, 2 characters- 16)

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