Revenge of Meta Knight

A screenshot from Kirby Super Star Ultra of "Revenge of Meta Knight".

Revenge of Meta Knight is one of the platforming sub games from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. In order to unlock it, the player must first complete Dyna Blade. The unique part of this sub game is that it has a very strict time limit - something that not many Kirby games actually have. In that limit, Kirby must destroy The Halberd, Meta Knight's prized ship.

Despite being the second longest sub game, the plot of Revenge of Meta Knight is fairly simple (though the actual gameplay is very difficult). Meta Knight, apparently during one of his evil plots, wants to take over Dream Land using The Halberd. Kirby intends to stop him, before it's too late! It takes a few tries, but eventually Kirby will manage to get rid of the engine, by damaging both it's wings, the engine room, and the main cannon. Now The Halberd is on it's way to crash into Orange Ocean. Meta Knight, being defeated, at least tries to get Kirby to stay on the ship, but he escapes using a Wheelie. The only ones left are Meta Knight and a poor Waddle Dee.

[edit] Features

  • A time limit - Kirby must destroy the Halberd before Meta Knight can destroy Dream Land!
  • No Maps! - Unlike many other of Kirby Super Star's platforming sub-games, Revenge of Meta Knight contains no maps, since it's levels are fairly simple, even though they can be difficult and hard to navigate.

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