Pop Star (K64:CS)


Pop Star is Kirby's home planet, containing several different kinds of landscapes, and even holding one of the main countries in Kirby games, Dream Land. On this planet, Kirby and Ribbon will begin their adventure, and meet friends that will help them along the way. This page will describe how to find the shards in each of the levels of Pop Star.

[edit] Level One


[edit] Shard One

This is by far the easiest shard to find. At the very beginning of the level (before the first stream) there will be a shard. It's right out in the open, so you can't miss it! Jump up to it, and Ribbon will put it away.


[edit] Shard Two

This shard is a little more complicated to find. First of all, make sure you have the bomb ability. Then, find the stream that has a huge black rock in the middle of the water. Place a bomb on or near that rock, and wait until it explodes. When it does, the second shard will be revealed.

[edit] Shard Three


The final shard is hidden with the character Waddle Dee. But right before you reach him, it seems that he's been possessed by Dark Matter! Suddenly he's transformed into Waddle Doo, and you must wake him up from the trance. Once you've done that, Waddle Dee will give you the shard, then join your team.

[edit] Level Two


[edit] Shard One

During the level, you will come across Waddle Dee, who is operating a lift that will help Kirby. Take a ride on it, and relax as you go down. But, when you see a short row of stars to the side of the lift, follow them downwards. At the end of the trail will be a shard.


[edit] Shard Two

This one is very simple to get. Defeat the Bouncy mini-boss, and you'll get the shard.

[edit] Shard Three

At the end of the level, you'll come across the young painter, Adeleine, who is holding on to the shard. But, like Waddle Dee, she's been possessed by Dark Matter, and won't give the shard up! You'll have to wake her from her trance to get it back. When you do, Adeleine will join your team.

[edit] Level Three


[edit] Shard One

Before you find this shard, you should probably find the boomerang ability from the enemy Sir Kibble. Then, at the top of the castle, there should be another Sir Kibble. Then combine both of the boomerang abilities to get Double Boomerang. Now, as you move along in the castle you'll find a shard that's blocked by a big green barrier. Use your double boomerang to get rid of that, and you have the shard!


[edit] Shard Two

In the castle, you'll find a part where Kirby goes up around a fountain on stairs. Well, go back to the beginning of the room, and fly upwards. At the top of that passage, you'll see the shard.


[edit] Shard Three

Once again, the third shard is possessed by somebody else! This time, it's King Dedede, possessed by Dark Matter. Hurry and free the king so he can give you the shard. After he's back to his normal self, he'll join your team.

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