Kirby's Dream Land 2

Kirby's Dream Land 2

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[edit] Information

Kirby's back in the new game for the Super Game Boy/Game Boy! This game features a much larger area to explore, from icy mountains to blistering hot deserts. The game continues the adventure from both Kirby's Dream Land and Kirby's Adventure, and adds three new characters. When played on the original Game Boy, the game is played in grayscale. On the Super Game Boy there is a slight bit of color and also a border on the screen.

[edit] Gameplay

The Gameplay is really very similar to all other Kirby games. You control Kirby as he runs, floats, swims, and jumps around different levels. He'll battle his way through enemies and bosses continuing his quest to defeat the ultimate source of evil behind everything. Kirby once again has some sort of a health meter, which decreases every time he gets hit by an enemy. Once he runs out of health, you will lose a life and have to start at the beginning of that area. If you lose all of your lives, it's Game over!

In terms of attacking an defending himself against enemies, Kirby continues with his unique ability to inhale and swallow enemies, often gaining abilities that they have. Some stages may even require you to use a certain ability to pass through or solve a puzzle. Also, Kirby's three friends are very useful. Rick the hamster, Coo the owl, and Kine the fish each have skills which will help Kirby on his way. Rick lets Kirby ride on his back where he can run faster and doesn't slip on ice. Coo can carry Kirby and allow him to fly through harsh winds (Kirby can inhale enemies while flying.) And finally Kine, who allows Kirby to ride on his back where they can swim through fierce currents with ease. Kirby is also able to inhale enemies under water with Kine!

[edit] Storyline

The story begins in Dream Land, where Kirby is living happily. But suddenly, Dark Matter destroys the rainbow bridges that connect the islands of Dream Land together! Kirby must set out with three new friends to restore the bridge and stop Dark Matter.

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