Kirby's Dream Land

Kirby's Dream Land

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Kirby's Dream Land was the first Kirby game released by HAL Laboratory Incorporated. It was released on the Nintendo Game Boy in 1992.

As the first in the series, Kirby's Dream Land gave birth to Kirby's basic moves that would appear in later games in the series, such as Kirby's floating jump. However, it is worth noting that Kirby's copying ability didn't actually appear until Kirby's Adventure on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

[edit] Storyline

The tyrant King Dedede has stolen all the food in Dream Land for himself. Kirby takes it upon himself to retrieve the food for the inhabitants of Dream Land, thwarting Dedede's greed in the process. Kirby must use his inhale ability to regain health, or to defeat enemies; Kirby can either eat an enemy or use it as a projectile to kill other enemies.

[edit] Kirby Super Star

In Kirby Super Star (And Kirby Super Star Ultra on the Nintendo DS) has a remake of Kirby's Dreamland called Spring Breeze. But there are some differences. They are as followed.

  • You can now use Copy Abilities
  • They got rid of the Super Spice Curry item and the Green Tea Leaf Item
  • The third boss in the original game disappeared.
  • Due to loosing the 3rd boss the developers needed to shorten Mt. Dedede.

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