Kirby's Return to Dreamland

Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Developer HAL Laboratory
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s) JP: October 27, 2011
AUS: December 1, 2011
NA: October 24, 2011
EU: Novermber 25, 2011
Genre Action-Adventure
Rating E'10

Kirby is back in Dreamland with his friends to collect Magolor's missing ship parts and the missing Energy Spheres

[edit] Gameplay

Return to Dreamland is played with you holding the Wii Remote sideways and controlling Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee.

Kirby is able to use his ability to suck in different enemies and powers to become various versions of himself. (Fire, Water, Leaf, Boom. etc)

A special, new abilities are introduced in this game. Called, "Super Abilities." These abilities are powerful forms Kirby can use. (Such as becoming a giant snowball) These powers are only tempoary however. But, Kirby can use these abilities to get through obstacles that let him go through a secret star that makes him out-race a black void that is trying to crush him. Getting to the end of this secret star lets Kirby battle an enemie holding an Energy Sphere. The end of an level consists of the player trying to get to the top of the screen. Succeding in this may grant him an extra life.

There are two minigames unlocked after a certain amount of Energy Spheres are reached. The first one is Ninja Dojo. The player must swing the Wii Remote foward when the target is on the bull's eye. The secong minigame is the player shooting at certain parts of an enemy's body. Clearing this twice unlocks the final boss in that minigame.

After clearing the regular story mode. The player is able to playthrough again at an harder mode. The enemies are harder, and Kirby's life bar is shorter.

[edit] Plot

The game beings with Kirby holding a cake. With King Dedede, and Waddle Dee running after him. Meta Kinght follows them after reading a book. They encounter Magolor after they see his Starship escape a wormhole and crash. Magolor tells them that he needs his Ship Parts back and his 120 Energy Spheres. (The max number in the game} Kirby and his friends then go on a adventure finding his ship parts and all of the Energy Spheres.

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