Copy Ability (NiD)

Kirby's copy ability is extremely helpful, and the game would be very hard to complete without it. To copy a power from one of your enemies, stand next to it and press "B" to inhale it. Once it is in your mouth, tap down, and you will have gained that ability! (See Controls for more information.) Keep in mind that not all enemies have an ability. You'll just have to try everything out and see for yourself! If you get hurt, the power will leave Kirby, transforming into a star and bouncing away. If you're fast enough you can catch up to that star and swallow it again, regaining the ability. Also, to get rid of an ability on purpose, press "Select".

Back Drop - "Whoo - HAAH! Once I grab a foe, throw him with UP, DOWN, LEFT OR RIGHT"

  • Backdrop - Press B + Up/Down/Left Right

Ball - "Change form and Hold the A Button BOUNCE! BOING! BOINK!"

  • Transform - Press B
  • Bounce - Hold A while a ball

Beam - "This beam's like a whip. Whaa - psssssh Beam it!"

  • Beam - Press B
Cutter Kirby, watch out for that sharp boomerang!

Burning - "Flame Tackle Time! Who's gonna stop me?"

  • Flame Tackle - Press B

Crash - "Warning. Use only as a last resort!"

  • Explode - Press B - Remember this is a one-shot move, use wisely!

Cutter - "The cutter boomerang is coming right back at ya!"

  • Throw Cutter - Press B
  • Multiple Cutter - Press B Twice
  • Back Attack - Press B, then press A when the cutter is coming back at you.

Fire - "Fire!! Hot! So hot! Too hot to touch"

  • Fire Breath - Press/Hold B

Freeze - "Stop! Come no closer! I'll chill you to the bone."

  • Freeze - Press/Hold B

Hammer - "Pound 'em to the ground, Pound pegs and break open new areas"

  • Pound Hammer - Press B
  • Spin Hammer - Press Right/Left + B

Hi-Jump - "Big Jump = BIG JUMP"

  • Hi-Jump - Press B + Up

Ice - "First I'll freeze `em, then I'll kick `em along! Brrrr!"

  • Ice Breath - Press/Hold B

Laser - "--- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation --- And it ricochets off hills too!"

  • Shoot Laser Beam - B

Light - "Brighten those dark corners! Can only be used once"

  • Shine - Press B
Floating gently down comes Parasol Kirby.

Mike (Microphone) - "Uwaaahhh! Oooooh Yeahhh! Un-hunhhh! Baaaaby! Rock on!"

  • Sing/Shout - Press B (Can only be used three times.)

Needle - "Hands off! Here: pointy spikes There: pointy spikes"

  • Needles - Press B
  • Needle Ball - Press B while in air

Parasol - "The sun shines on this parasol of mine where I walk, enemies balk, and I float gently down"

  • Strike with Umbrella - Press B
  • Attack with Umbrella - Hold Down while in air
  • Float - Press nothing while in air
  • Umbrella Shield - Press down

Sleep - "- DO NOT DISTURB - I need my beauty rest"

  • Sleep - Automatic


  • Sparks - Press B

Stone - "No one can hurt me! Look out below!"

  • Transform into Stone - Press B

Sword - "I can't loose with this big sword! If I zig I cut 'em (If I zag, I cut 'em too!)"

  • Slash Sword - Press B
  • Spin Cut - Press B
  • Stab Slide - Press Down + A/B
Spin, spin spin! It's Tornado Kirby!

Throw - "Try throwing enemies straight Press UP or DOWN to change the direction"

  • Throw - Press B + Up/Down/Left/Right

Tornado - "Spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spinspinspin AAAAAUGGHH!"

  • Transform into Tornado - Press B + Up/Down/Left/Right

UFO - "Wow! I'm so lucky I copied a UFO! I can do four different moves. It depends on how long you hold B.

  • Shockwave - Tap B
  • Light Beam - Hold down B (for about 1/2 of a second)
  • Stronger Beam - Hold down B (for about 1 second)
  • Strongest Beam - Hold down B (for about 1 1/2 seconds)

Wheel - "I ride fast like the wind Fast! Too fast!"

  • Transform into Wheel and Dash - Press B

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