Controls (K64:CS)

A Nintendo 64 controller, used to control Kirby in The Crystal Shards.

Control Pad

  • Down Arrow - Swallow/Copy (After inhaling an enemy), Duck, Jump Down (While standing on certain platforms), Climb Down a Ladder
  • Left Arrow - Walk Left, Dash Left (Tap Twice)
  • Right Arrow - Walk Right, Dash Right (Tap Twice)
  • Up Arrow - Climb Up a Ladder

A Button

  • Jump
  • Swim (When in water)
  • Fly (When in air)

B Button

  • Swallow
  • Use Copy Ability (After swallowing an enemy)
  • Throw (After lifting an enemy)
  • Exhale (After inhaling)

L + R Buttons/C Buttons

  • Lift (After inhaling or copying)
  • Throw (After lifting)


  • Down Arrow + A - Slide
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