Bosses (K64:CS)

Here I will talk about the bosses in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. If you're playing in story mode the first time you fight the bosses, they will give you a Crystal Shard.

[edit] Whispy Woods & Whispy Woods Jr.

What would you expect for the first boss? This time he's got some friends with him. If you have a power with you you can smash the Whispy Jr.'s into the ground (they don't come back). When you destroy all three, Whispy will go insane. He will shake tons of apples from his head. Try to suck up as many apples as possible to do more damage when his roots come out of the ground to try and hurt you. Other than that, he is really easy.

[edit] Pix

In the beginning a red creature will pop out up out of no where and will start to attack, this is the boss. You can't hurt it now, though, so try to avoid its attack. Then a one green and one blue creature will appear, but you can't hurt them either. Once the moving platform you are on reaches the sky, the battle will begin. Try to stay of the colored platforms. Because you will get hurt. When strange objects come out of the colored tiles you need to through them at Pix. (The colors don't need to correspond.) When Pix merge together they will use one of these three attacks.

  • Drop liquid on you.
  • Form a wall and you need to jump in the middle.
  • Use their "Dagger" things

After taking three hits (each) they will be defeated. Note, the Pix that are Wire Frames can't hurt you.

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